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FAQ - What massager strength is right for you? | Are painful massages good? | How strong are Thumper Massagers?

Posted by Sarah Brooks on In this video, we go more in depth about the different key factors that makes a massager effective. How do you pick the right massager that is right for you? What are you looking to get from a massage? Thumper Massager manufactures a variety of massagers that fit a wide spectrum of people with different goals. But how do you know if a massager's strength is right for you? Strength is one of the main things that people look for in a massage. However, this can be easily confused with pain. Too painful/strong of a massage may end up...

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Different types of foam rollers

Posted by Sarah Brooks on

You may have seen different types of foam rollers at your friends’ homes or at the gym. Or you may be looking into getting one. But have you wondered why some look so different from each other? Foam rollers are great if you are looking into giving yourself massages without breaking the bank. They are great for giving deeper massages by using your own body weight. Now that foam rollers are gaining popularity, foam rollers have different specifications that can tailor the massage experience depending on what you want to get out of it. If you want to get into...

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