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What is dust made of?

Posted by Sarah Brooks on

What is dust made of?

We all clean our houses (I hope!) by dusting and mopping. Areas in the home that gets a lot of traffic often get more dust. And in the neglected areas, a thin layer of dust is neatly covered on top. Every week or so, you would have to dust and mop your floors as well as wiping your furniture.

Every wonder why the dust never goes away no matter how much you try to clean? No matter how annoyed you get, getting rid of dust has many benefits to your body. Getting rid of dust helps clean the air in your home as dust can worsen allergies and asthma. It also gives your home a clean feeling so you can relax and have guests over. Of course, cleanliness is great. But what is dust made of? It all looks grey to us but the composition of dust is unique. Check out the video below to learn more about dust!

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